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Prof. Prabhat Ranjan is Vice Chancellor of D Y Patil International University, Akurdi, Pune

Use of ICT and Sensor Network Technology in Agriculture in Bihar

Bihar Govt has rightly recognized the potential of agriculture in growth of Bihar. For this purpose a separate “Agriculture Cabinet” has been formed. Road map for agriculture for next 10 years with a massive outlay has been planned as well. In November and December 2011, I made two visits to Bihar and interacted with Agricultural Research Institute, Farmers and some young Social Entrepreneurs focusing on agriculture. I have also noticed the fact that some of the farmers in Bihar have done world record production of paddy and this encourages me to write this brief note. In 2011, on behalf of

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Embedded Systems through Arduino in Patna

As a way to promote innovation based on ICT, I am planning to organize a 2-day workshop around Feb 20 in Patna. This would focus on “Embedded Systems development using Arduino”. An Aruduino kit would be given part of the registration fee of Rs 3000. This would permit the participant to continue working with the kit at their own and create all kind of things including robots. This would be very useful to college going students, specially Engg students but can be useful to anyone with some knowledge of simple programming. Arduino has been making waves all over the world

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meshprog failure on Fedora 13/14

While using meshprog on recent distributions of Fedora (13 or 14), I found two issues: 1. One issue is related to gpsd daemon trying to grab the device based on USB-UART converter (e.g. FT232 or cp210x). This is discussed in my earlier post at Meshprog – USB device opening failure on Fedora 11/12 2. Second issue is related to blocking read used in meshprog code. I found that by making the USB device read non-blocking, it starts to work fine. I am not sure if this is the right way to do it. Here are the specific details: Go near

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TinyOS-2.x zigbit serial communication

As mentioned in the previous post, due to the fact that we were downloading the Motorola S-record file ‘main.srec’ via Serial Bootloader (using meshprog on Linux), fuse bits were not getting updated. If we had used JTAG interface (e.g using DRAGON Kit) and aurdude, this would have happened. S-record can have application code as well as fuse bit setting, unlike Intel Hex format. This meant that the default TinyOS setting of 8 MHz for clock rate was not appropriate for this since Meshbeans are set for 4 MHz by default. So to get the Serial Communication working, we had to

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TinyOS-2.x on Zigbit – Baud rate mismatch

We tried to use TinyOS on Meshnetics Meshbean modules based on Zigbit module containing both microcontroller and radio transceiver. Fortunately a port was made available as a contributed code. I got many student group to start using TinyOS on Meshbean modules. However no one could get the UART communication through USB port working and all the projects which needed this got stalled. I took up this task as I got little free now to figure out what may be happening. It looked like a Baud Mismatch problem since we were received some characters but no baud rate setting was making

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Meshprog – USB device opening failure on Fedora 11/12

I had been using meshprog to program Meshnetics Zigbit Evaluation Modules on Linux. I discovered that it was not getting programmed on Fedora 11 or 12. It took me some time to figure out what was happening. I am recording this here in case some one else faces the same problem. Here are my observations: 1. Meshnetics modules use UART to USB converter from Silicon Labs – CP2102. This has idVendor=10c4, idProduct=ea60 as shown by Kernel message. 2. I found that /dev/ttyUSBx to which it was getting attached was not opening by Meshprog 3. System log showed the following :

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