My Research Journey to Brain

This blog tries to summarize my research journey from Universe to Sun to Moon to Earth to Body to Brain.

In school days

[ This blog tries to summarize my research journey from Universe to Sun to Moon to Earth to Body to Brain. Some of this is covered in a talk I gave at IIASA, Vienna – ]

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History of website

NOBA stands Netarhat Old Boys Association as an alumni group of Netarhat School situated in Netarhat close to Ranchi(about 155 Kms) in Jharkhand. It is a school based on Gurukul traditions and it’s alumni have made mark all over country and world with their talent. NOBA is not a single organization but it is more of a concept with various chapters mostly based on geographical convenience. Some of them are registered and some are informal. In addition to social gatherings, NOBA has many social activities to help each other as well as society. This write up is about – a web portal developed to connects it alumni globally.

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My interaction with Dr Vashishtha Narayan Singh (Vashishtha Jee) (Edited : Nov 16, 2019)

[Edited : Due to lot of wrong facts circulating on Internet, I have tried to collect factual information about Vashishtha Jee. I am sharing the data here. If any one has suggestion to correct it or improve it, please let me know.



I suddenly saw a message on WhatsApp about sad demise of Vashishtha Jee some time ago(Nov 14, 2019) and did not believe it. I tried to contact Dr Birendra Jee, his batchmate and close friend. He also confirmed the sad news. Many thoughts went through my mind and I felt that I must jot them down.

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Learning from Netarhat School and Dignity of Labour !

From the age of 10, I studied in Netarhat Residential School close to Ranchi. It is about 156 kms from Ranchi by road and at a height of about 3700 ft. It was a boarding school and open to students from Bihar (Comprising of current Bihar and Jharkhand until year 2000). Students between age group of 10 to 12 years were taken in through a tough state wide competition.

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Netarhat Journey in May 2015

At our time in 1970s, Netarhat School, we used to have a variety of hobby clubs and one had to choose one of them each year. I had chosen French, Industrial Chemistry, Metal work. There were others like Bird watching, Aero-modelling, Ship Building etc. However since 1980s these started to go out of option and for all practical purpose stopped all together. Continue reading “Netarhat Journey in May 2015”

Netarhat Journey: After 27 Years (Dec 2003)

We started our Netarhat Journey at the ungodly hour of 4 O’ Clock in the morning. This was to avoid getting blocked by a call for Bandh given on the day of travel (10th Dec. 2003). I had the driver bring the Tata Sumo previous night. We loaded all the computers and other items early morning at 3:30 and started our journey with lot of anxiety. Some stretch of road had so dense fog Continue reading “Netarhat Journey: After 27 Years (Dec 2003)”

Miracle recovery with my help!

This is a real story narrated by a beneficiary herself.  I never knew anything like this was possible when she got in touch with me. It was a major surprise and learning too. I have had few other users but this case is very striking. I feel this would open up path of learning for many many persons and we need to look at learning in a different way.

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