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Prof. Prabhat Ranjan is Vice Chancellor of D Y Patil International University, Akurdi, Pune

Miracle recovery with my help!

This is a real story narrated by a beneficiary herself.  I never knew anything like this was possible when she got in touch with me. It was a major surprise and learning too. I have had few other users but this case is very striking. I feel this would open up path of learning for many many persons and we need to look at learning in a different way. I am about 36 years old female from Delhi. Since last 15 years I have suffered with sleep disorder, anxiety, memory loss, gas problem, hair fall problem. I did allopathy, homeopathy,

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Learning disability, Mantra and Brainwaves!

I have been trying to understand brainwaves and its relationship to learning disability in children. Scientific research shows the parameter Beta1/Theta waves being a key criteria. To improve this “Brain Entrainment” or neurofeedback can be used. These typically need auditory stimulation of brain. Our Yoga and mediation also seem to work on brainwaves. I was wondering if our traditional “Mantra” also has something to do with this. I found this on net – “In his research conducted a few years ago, Dr Herbert Benson observed that chanting of specific mantras produced a “relaxation” response, causing reduction of heart beat, brain

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Updated step-by-step wheat grass growing and juicing

This post is based on nearly 2 months of experience and some of the information here is updated, compared to my earlier two posts on the topic: Growing Wheat Grass and Juicing (aug 19, 2010) Update on growing Wheat Grass and Juicing (sep 5, 2010) Let me try to put rest of the information in the form of FAQ! How much time it takes to grow what grass for juicing? – It takes about 6-7 days to grow to about 6 inches, when it should be harvested for juicing. This depends on climatic conditions and so on. How to organize

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Update on growing Wheat Grass and Juicing

(Please read more recent version first at Since I posted last on this topic, I have gained more knowledge and it is about time to write on this again. I would itemize them to make it easier to read: Reusing Soil – I found that when I used soil first time, wheat grew nicely. But I started to see failed growth when I tried to reuse the soil. It was most likely due to my zero knowledge about gardening. Finally I could figure it out with the help of friends and nursery. After harvesting first time, one needs to

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Reliance/TATA Broadband data card on Linux

I am going to collect my past postings and new findings related to using Reliance/TATA Broadband card on Linux here. Here is a posting of mine from in Nov 2009: “I have tested two Reliance Broadband card on offer right now for connectivity on Linux. I have tested this on Fedora 11 and it uses Linux 2.6.29 Kernel. 1. Huawei 1261 card – Works right away – once you insert it, it gets recognized as a USB device connected to one of the ports as a serial device. You can use normal RConnect package for Linux with slight modification

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Growing Wheat Grass and Juicing

(Please read updated version first at ) Recently I came across benefits of drinking wheat grass juice and I was amazed with what nature has in store. I searched extensively (as usual!) on net and went through lot of material to understand the complication of growing it. In USA lot of support from commercial entity is available to support those, who want to grow it. There are kits available and supplies along with various tools are available to make it easy. I thought I would still write out my experiences in trying to grow and giving other people a

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