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Liver/Gall bladder cleanse process based on Andreas Moritz Book

Liver/Gall bladder cleanse process based on Andreas Moritz Book

I had used this process to remove Gallstones during 2012-13 without any surgery needed. After going through the book carefully, I found that it is useful for so many health conditions that everyone should do this. I am attaching a list of various ailments in which it seems to help towards end of blog.

Liver and Gall Bladder Cleansing based on book “The Amazing Liver and Gall Bladder Cleanse by Andreas Moritz

Liver and Gall Bladder Flush
Liver and Gall Bladder Flush

(Note : You should not use Apple Juice if you are diabetic. You would need to substitute it with Malic Acid. (See details at later part of the blog). In addition, if you have any other major health issues, be sure to read the original book and this note is not a substitute for the book. Many persons keep asking me about the process in a short form, so I have prepared this note – Prabhat Ranjan)

Ingredients needed


Apple Juice – 6 x 1 Liter (Tropicana or Real would do)

Virgin olive oil(cold pressed) – 250 ml

Epsom Salt – 4 Table Spoon ( You would need minimum of about 50 gms. You can get this in medical shops by name of Magnesium Sulfate – You can also get it from school/college laboratory suppliers but it should be pure – called LR grade, Make sure it is not Industrial Grade, which may be supplied for bath purpose etc. ). Price of 20 gm pack is about Rs 13 in Delhi. So if you get much cheaper than this, be careful to check that it is for oral intake.

On Amazon, you can buy –

6-8 Fresh Lemon
2-3 Orange/Kino or any other citrus fruit
Note that book mentions grapefruit as one of the alternatives but it is not “grape (angoor)”.


Monday to Friday (day 1 to 5)

(Eat decent meal – not too fatty , avoid non veg , cold food etc , avoid medicines which are not essential)

9.00 AM – Breakfast

11.00 AM to 1 PM – Finish ½ liter Apple Juice

1.30 PM – Lunch

3.30 PM to 5.30 PM – ½ liter Apple Juice

After 6 PM Have dinner as usual

Substitute Cranberry Juice on one of the days, if you can.

Saturday (day 6)

Skip Breakfast

9 to 11 AM – Finish 1 liter Apple Juice

By 1.30 PM – Finish light lunch of plain Basmati Rice + Boiled Vegetable

+ Add rock salt (optional) (No fat or protein)

No Juice / Food after this (water can be taken)

Epsom salt drink – Mix 4 table spoon in 700 ml water – Divide in 4 glasses.(Please use measuring spoon and cup to make sure you have correct measurements.)

6 PM – Take 1 glass Epsom salt drink(1st)

8 PM – Take1 glass Epsom salt drink(2nd)

10 PM – ½ cup virgin olive oil(cold pressed) + ¾ cup fresh orange and lemon juice mix

Mix vigorously in a closed jar so that it becomes thin. Do not try to mix with spoon as it would not mix properly, it needs to be vigorous!

Drink it all in one go while  standing. Immediately lie down on bed with head high compared to stomach (use two pillows)

Do not move for 20 minutes or talk etc.

After this you can sleep in normal way

Sunday (day 7)

6 AM – Take one glass Epsom salt drink(3rd)

8 AM – Take one glass Epsom salt drink (4th)

10 AM – Start fresh fruit, Fruit juice, Light lunch etc.

Diarrhea would start in morning(some times could start earlier in night) and stop by afternoon or evening . Make sure that you keep yourself hydrated through this to avoid dehydration. You may feel bit weak for next couple of days due to loss of fluid. Your first round of cleanse is over!!!


You need to repeat this process at one month interval(not before that!) and continue till you find that nothing is coming out. After that do this process once in 6-8 months to keep liver clean.


For diabetic patients

You need to buy malic acid powder. On Amazon, you can get it at:


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  1. sir can i take the “Extra Vergin olive oil (Cold Extraction) ???????????

    plz reply

  2. Hii sir , Today is day 6 of my treatment. The book is saying to have light breakfast (oats) and you r saying to do not hv breakfast. I m confussed…

  3. Sir ,what is the total weight of epsom salt that is to be dissolved in 700ml water. ???

    Should i dissolve total 50 gm epsom salt in 700ml water at the same time or will it be better to dissolve 12.5 gm ×175 ml water each time when i hv to drink it??

  4. Sir plz tell me the actual weight of epsom salt that i hv to dissolve in 700 ml water. This table spoon procedure is very confussing.
    I hv weighing machine too.

  5. Sir , what kind of orange juice should i prepare , a pulpy one or simple liquid type juice?

  6. Sir , Last night drunk the Olive oil mixture and lie down for 20 minutes .I didn’t feel the movement of stones in my stomach. After this the first motion started @ 1:30Am followed by several motions till now. I found nothing was caming out in motion , couldn’t found any stone.

    In morning it was very difficult to drink Epsom salt due to nausea. some how i managed to drink the third glass of Epsom salt . while drinking last glass at 8 am little amount of it came out in the form of vomiting.

    Now it is 10 am , is there any possibility for the stones to come out???

  7. Dear sir , I am happily informing you that just now I have flush out about 14 stones of Green color. The size of these stones are similar that of a small pea.

  8. Till now I have released 250 -300 stones approx .The size ranging from mustured seed sized to the size of Pea .

  9. A day before I went for Ultrasound. The stones are still there in my Gall bladder.

    Feeling a little bit disappointed.

  10. Also the stones which i had collected in a jar , got converted into the form of a viscous liquid.

  11. Hii sir, i m repeating this process again.Today is 3rd day of my therapy. Hope this time it will work better.

  12. In market the Oranges/kinnu are not available this time. Can I mix *Mosambi fruit* with olive oil instead of Orange?

  13. last night 10 bze olive oil mixture drink krne ke baad mujhe 12:40 pr vomiting hui jis me sara oil mixture nikl gya.

    now should i drink the epsom salt at 6:00am or not?

  14. Nothing came out in this round of therapy as due to the vomiting the oil mixture couldn’t reach to my stomach.

  15. Nothing came out today. Feeling disappointed. It was my third round of therapy. Don’t know why this round couldn’t deliver the result.

  16. Hello if you want to avoid vomiting and for a successful gallstone elimination you may have to do colon cleansing , colon hydrotherapy before and after cleanse although expensive. Atleast series of enemas before and after flush will contribute to successful elimination. you can buy enema bags online . I saw in one of the comments about vomiting oil mixture. Also please follow the diet chart and apple juice protocol correctly as is explained by Rajan sir. After affects some people may feel bloated and constipated after flush. If so then check for any infection like H-Pylori ( not mandatory) but you could drink Aloevera juice to over come bloating sensation etc. Eliminating all the gallstones is key , half done you will have to suffer, means you need to continue the flushes till you see no more gallstones for atleast 2 flushes. After which you could try parasite cleanse huldaclark method you may get more stones in flushes. I have been doing liver flush from 2010 , i have been able to control my health issues , but not cure it , since I still have stones. Never the less this has potential to cure many diseases and has helped many people

  17. Dear Sir,
    Thank you for posting this procedure. I found this procedure and your directions to be very effective.

    Thank you

  18. Dr prabhat I have bought the book by andreas mortiz ,today is my 6th day after following 5 days of Apple juice regime.for 6th day at 9.30 pm it says to take water enema is it essential and and is it safe to take it at home.

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