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Prof. Prabhat Ranjan is Vice Chancellor of D Y Patil International University, Akurdi, Pune

Learning disability, Mantra and Brainwaves!

I have been trying to understand brainwaves and its relationship to learning disability in children. Scientific research shows the parameter Beta1/Theta waves being a key criteria. To improve this “Brain Entrainment” or neurofeedback can be used. These typically need auditory stimulation of brain. Our Yoga and mediation also seem to work on brainwaves. I was wondering if our traditional “Mantra” also has something to do with this. I found this on net – “In his research conducted a few years ago, Dr Herbert Benson observed that chanting of specific mantras produced a “relaxation” response, causing reduction of heart beat, brain waves and respiration.”

In one more paper,, they claim “Practitioners understand ‘‘meditation,’’ or mental training, to be a process of familiarization with one’s own mental life leading to long-lasting changes in cognition and emotion. Little is known about this process and its impact on the brain. Here we find that long-term Buddhist practitioners self-induce sustained electroencephalographic high-amplitude gamma-band oscillations and phase-synchrony during meditation. These electroencephalogram patterns differ from those of controls, in particular over lateral frontoparietal electrodes. In addition, the ratio of gamma-band activity (25–42 Hz) to slow oscillatory activity (4–13 Hz) is initially higher in the resting baseline before meditation for the practitioners than the controls over medial frontoparietal electrodes. This difference increases sharply during meditation over most of the scalp electrodes and remains higher than the initial baseline in the post meditation baseline. These data suggest that mental training involves temporal integrative mechanisms and may induce short term and long-term neural changes.”

West has started using “mantra” for their benefit as seen in this video :Gayatri Mantra being used in West

So now need to find if learning disability can be improved through our traditional knowledge!

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  1. Namaste Prof.

    Congratulations for a fantastic technical innovation to make life of disabled better. I run a school named ‘Pearl’ for children with special needs at Ahmedabad. After reading your news in AM, I’m eager to have customized device for my school children. Our school caters to education and training of children with Autism, Learning Disability, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and lot more.

    It will be a great support if you can surf through our website and drop a line on means to procure the communication system product.

    Yes and very important, meditation, chanting Gayatri mantra do provide opportunity for better learning.

    Keep up the good work.
    Dr Griva Shah

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