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Prof. Prabhat Ranjan is Vice Chancellor of D Y Patil International University, Akurdi, Pune

Hope for Psoriasis (and possibly other skins issues e.g. Vitiligo/Leucoderma, Eczema etc)?

Psoriasis is a skin disease that seems to affect 2-3% of world population impacting about 125 Million(12.5 cr). In India, it is estimated to affect about 1% of population based on hospital studies (so may be missing out on many, who may not approach hospitals). While I had written this blog based on my experience of Psoriasis, I have a feeling that it may help with few other skin conditions such as Vitiligo/Leucoderma, Eczema etc. If you try this protocol for any condition, please share results through comments section. This way, we can possibly help others.

I noticed a small patch on my elbow about 10 years back. During a get together in my house, someone asked me about it and thought that i may have scratched myself somewhere. One of my neighbours present, who was a medical practitioner, told me that it is psoriasis. I was totally unaware of this disease and its seriousness. I asked my neighbour about what I can I use to cure this, He suggested me to apply some topical ointment.

Slowly it started to spread to knee and back. I started to read about it and finally approached a homeopathic practitioner. He had many pictures of various patients that he had treated in his chamber. I used to meet him every 15 days to take the medicine. He used to take pictures of my affected areas and used to say that he is noticing improvements by comparing photographs. In early August 2012, I faced a problem with Gallstone related pain and nearly two years of homeopathic treatment came to an end as I got busy trying so solve issue of gallstones. I did this successfully without laparoscopy to remove gall bladder. I followed a method to remove gallstones without surgery. (see my blog on this – I did not notice any significant changes due to treatment of psoriasis.

In April 2013, I moved to Delhi to head TIFAC and got very busy with new responsibilities. My psoriasis also started to cover more parts of body. Once in a while I would search internet for any possible cures and tried to follow them(of course my busy schedule did not permit me having to spend much time trying to take care of my problem). I got couple of books also related to treatment of psoriasis. I found it very difficult to follow the number of suggestions given(too many). I tried avoiding so called “nightshade” vegetables (such as tomato, potato, brinjal etc). It was tough to manage this since it is so common. I did not see much change after about 2 months of trying to avoid them.

Some time in Sept 2018, I came across a website ( on Internet claiming dramatic improvements in psoriasis. There are many such websites but what stuck me about this website was that it was not asking one to buy anything from them (such as books or some other stuff). It allowed one to download the protocol at no cost. Somehow I felt that it may be worthwhile to try this out. Protocol depends on some diet changes and some vitamin and mineral supplements.


Some time towards end of  Sept 2018, I started the protocol and tried to follow it as close as possible. For the first time in my life, I could  start to see noticeable improvement. I am sharing images of my affected portion of back over a period of two and half months. Similar improvements are seen all over body.

I never talked about psoriasis to any one except close family members. Once I could start to see miracle happening, I felt it important to talk about it and finally got down to write about it so that millions of others could possibly benefit from this. At the same time, I have started to work with medical community to understand this protocol scientifically so that one day it becomes part of standard medical practice.

Let me write down the basis protocol and also provide sources of various supplements (from Indian customer point of view). As mentioned above, protocol has two parts : (1) dietary changes (2) supplements. Let me briefly describe both of them in brief. Full protocol and user experiences can be seen at the website mentioned above.


Diet Change

A very important part is to eliminate any form of dairy products! Protocol emphasises this several times.

I also avoided what is called “nightshades” – such as Tomato, Potato, Brinjal, Peppers etc. It is also advisable to avoid gluten. Need to avoid these varies from person to person. But just to be on safe side, i tried to avoid as much as I could. Once psoriasis has improved, one can start adding them back one by one. This would let us know, if any one of these is triggering agent.


  • Vitamin D3 (20-30,000 iu daily, split between 2 meals) + Vitamin K2 mk7 is 400 mcg daily. Typically these are in form of soft gel and they MUST be taken with some form of FAT (eg: a tsp. of coconut oil, olive oil, etc.). I found a combined product on amazon – (EternalHealth Vitamin D3 with K2 as MK-7 – Vitamin D & K Complex – 5000 IU Vitamin D3 & 100 mcg Vitamin K2 (MK-7) – 120 Vegetable Capsules) –
  • Magnesium Chloride Flakes in a 50/50 solution of flakes and water. Spray or dab on underarms, back of knees, scalp and bottoms of feet. Or on whole body. If it burns too much, dilute with more water. If stools are too loose, reduce the amount or number of times you use it each day.
    (P.S. Yes, it will look very red and worse for a short time– but stay with it. It will get better.). I applied this two times in day. Once in morning, when I would apply all over body including scalp and leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off by taking bath. Second time in the evening, where I would apply to lower part of body only (application to upper parts of body seems to keep you awake!). It would also make you feel very sleepy and in fact can be used by those having sleep problems.


Within few weeks you should notice major difference. However please read the full protocol document from the website. Few of the things that I have come across which affect psoriasis are : (1) Leaky gut (2) Candida. Taking of Betaine Hydrochloride also seemed to help some people.

Dead Sea Salt Bath

Many people have reported taking dead sea salt bath as very useful. While I was visiting my daughter in California in Nov 2018 for two weeks, I did take this bath in bath tub with warm water and 6 cups of dead sea salt. It does seem to exfoliate and make skin look much better. In India also I have procured “Dead Sea Salt” at reasonable rates from “lookfantastic” –


Future Developments

Many of the diet controls have to do with the condition of gut. Condition of gut plays an important role along with microbiota. Last few years have seen tremendous upsurge in role of microbiota and it is linked to food in variety of ways. With 46 trillions microbes estimated to inhabit our human gut, Artificial Intelligence is playing an important role too in this. Our traditional knowledge has emphasized role of food strongly. May be now we are getting to understand scientific reasoning behind this.

On my part, we have also set up a group to start scientific work along this direction and are discussing with medical and scientific community to collaborate.

Appeal to Users

If you follow this protocol, please take pictures of affected area and keep in records. Keep as much information as possible and share back with me. This would help us in building knowledge, which may be useful for improving the protocol. Do refer to Freedom From Psoriasis website to get more insight.

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  1. Thank you so very much for sharing in detail Your own experiences and action plan woth resources. Very helpful indeed. I believe its very itchy too. Many many people are going off dairy products. Will
    Share it widely👍🙏

  2. It’s an excellent information and gives hope. I have a case of a family with hereditary psoriasis and I would also share this info with them. Thanx again.

    K Vasudevan

  3. My husband has been having psoriasis problem for almost a decade. We tried every possible medications. The results were never satisfying. I came across your blog and found it very helpful. My husband wants to try it out. We wanted to know that to start according to the protocol, 20000 iu of D2 Vitamins is required daily. Does it mean taking 4 Capsules daily with meal? Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

  4. This is a very complicated protocol and derived from the experiments of Dr Cicero Coimbra of Brazil and Dr Manuel Pinto of Portugal. It does not work so easily. Has not worked for me after trying for more than 3 months

  5. Sir
    My mother has been suffering from Psoriasis for more than 25 years or so. She has been treated by many doctors but after reading your blog we went through the procedure as suggested in the blog and there is significant improvement in Psoriasis. She is feeling comfortable and there is significant improvement. I would like to express thanks to you for sharing your experiences. Hope this boon to many patients for leading normal life. Thank You once again sir. Please if possible add more light information to this blog.

  6. It’s very informative blog sir. I observed some dry long lasting patches on knees and ankles of my 7year old daughter. She has a also dry scaly scalp problem in winters. I am very confused whther I should see homeopathic doctor (already taking medicines for her health improvement) or alopathy dermatologist . Recently her ankle patches are started bleeding . I am very much worried because she is so small. Please advise

  7. I went through your blog. It was very informative. I will share your blog with others who require.

  8. Very informative Sir. I have dry patches on my feet, ankle and palms. The area of patches gets widen in winter. Also, have dry scalp in winters. Even my brother have dry scalp problem and he is loosing his hair at very early age. We took so many homoeopathic trearments , nothing worked for long.
    I will follow ur suggested treatment and will surely share the results with you.

  9. Hello
    Asslmu walykum.

    I am From Bangladesh. My mother is suffering from psoraisis since last 10 years.
    Recently she has also suffered from Dengue fever.
    Now Doctor is suggesting us to take methotrexate tablet. As her body is covered almost 80% with psoriasis… Please help me with your best suggestion.. Should i go for methotrexate or not?

  10. While generally agreeing with your protocol, particularly milk and its products, may I add that any one pathy or medication may not work in each case of psoriasis. I think it differs from person to person. But this is not to belittle your great efforts but to strengthen them by adding that a very common man may not be able to follow the protocol for various reasons like economic, geographic, or others.
    I have been a patient of this dreadful disease for 25 years and tried almost all available therapies but not able to cure fully so far. I shall also try the protocol suggested by you when next eruption takes place which is usually in extreme winters in Delhi. In meantime I shall follow your blog keenly. By the way just now I am about 90% cured by diet and lifestyle changes naturally and taking Indian herbs “kutki-chirayata” for about 7 months. Would be glad to share if interested.
    Sorry if I have, in any manner, exceeded my brief or offended.
    Thanks and all the best for your efforts.
    D S R

  11. Thanks for your comments. Let me first make it clear that this protocol has not been developed by me. I have given reference to source from where I got the protocol. I have shared my experience in the hope that it may be useful to someone else.
    However now I am reading more about this protocol and going through couple of books on this to get more scientific details. I would also update some of that information in the blog as I go along. Now I understand better and believe that it may be useful for very large number of persons. Diet and lifestyle changes are of course key issue but certain supplements of Vitamin and Minerals are needed since it may not be possible to always get them through diets. Vitamin D deficiency is rampant and is affecting all of us in ways that we don’t understand.
    Please do not wait for next eruption to take place. It is better to start the protocol so that eruption does not take place. Do keep me informed of any progress and please keep photographs.

  12. One book which really helped me to win over my ailments like BP, thyroid, liver related disorders like piles, is a must read by Darryl D’Souza of Goa: “become healthy or extinct” (also as eBook). As he has been able to cure fully his chronic psoriasis etc, I attended his one week residential workshop in 2015. Since then I have not looked back.
    What he was and now is also available through his website. I personally consider him an authority not only on health issues but a number of other areas as well. Hope you will also find him a thorough gentleman !
    All the best.

  13. Hi Prabhat ji, Thank you so much for your helpful blog. I have psoriasis from last 3 years. Will start as per Protocol. Have earmarked the supplement & the chloride powder from Amazon, as per your link.

    Pls tell me how many tablets of D3+K2, we must have per day. Thank you, Sir.

  14. Lata Jee, Minimum 20,000 IU per day. So if you are buying 5,000 IU tablets, you need to take 4 of them per day. One can go higher also. Scientifically one has to get PTH tested and dose of Vit D3 is adjusted to keep PTH at lowest of the permissible level. If needed, we can talk on phone.

  15. Thank you so much Prabhat ji for your prompt reply.

    I will order the stuff from Amazon tomm. Really hope there is some relief.

    If you provide me your number, I will call you tomm.

  16. Nice blog. I am having psoriasis for a long time.
    I have bought the medicines from Amazon and have started off. Two weeks over, I am taking only one tablet of Vit D3/day. The salt water bath also once a day.
    Waiting for some improvement.

  17. On tablet of 5000 IU is very less. At least start with 4 to 6 tablets a day. Also applying magnesium oil is crucial, in case you are not doing it. Contact me personally to discuss, if needed.

  18. Dear Prabhat ji,

    Thank you for your blog & our phone talk.

    I have been following the Protocol & there is good improvement.

    I have had Psoriasis from past 3+ years, & finally feel so happy & relieved after following the Protocol.

    I am really really thankful to you. Your blog is a great help to those with Psoriasis.

    Please advise if there is any help you can suggest for the Itching.

    Thank You, Sir.

  19. Dear Prabhat Sir,
    Thanks for the telephone call.
    I have started implementing your suggestions.
    I will give a feed back in a few weeks.
    Thanks again.

  20. Searching on google came across your page . Thanks so much for sharing . I started the spray and vitamins yesterday . Please share your no so I can talk with you .

  21. Sir, I would like to add that my psoriasis is unevenly spread and it gets disappear after some time and then appear. So, how would I notice that is it working on my body of not?? Sir does this disappear permanently from this protocol?? Is this the permanent solution.

  22. Respected sir,
    Thank you very much for sparing time for discussing the feedback and really appreciate your valuable thoughts.

    Sir, my condition has considerably improved. It has been 5weeks now. The protocol has worked out well till now. I am very happy now and hope it benefits many more people.

    Thanks once again.

    Kind regards,

  23. Dear Mr Ranjan

    Kindly let me know treatment for discoid eczema for my 10yr old daughter.


  24. Sir , please let me know how to take Vit D3 4-5 tablets a day with oil or without oil??
    And for how much duration I need to take this medicine?

  25. Dear Mr Prabhat,

    I need your help.

    I want to get rid of this disease-scalp psoriasis.

    Please help me get through, it’s been 4 years and the condition is deteriorating and I am starting to lose my hair rapidly.

    Please help in any way you can- May be a doctor recommendation, a lifestyle, any medicine.
    I wanted to know that to start according to the protocol, 20000 iu of D2 Vitamins is required daily. Does it mean taking 4 Capsules daily with meal? Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

  26. Yes take two capsules two times after meal. Magnesium oil is also critical. Apply to scalp also in morning along with rest of the body. Do not apply magnesium oil in evening on upper part of body – only lower part of body. Also apply virgin coconut oil on scalp after bath.

  27. Looks very promising and encouraging blog.
    I have psoriasis all over body.not sure how to to start on vitamins d.
    How much does.any other minerals.

  28. Dear Prabhat sir,
    Thank you so much for your time and sharing your experience and all suggestions.
    Much appreciated.
    Starting dose from today.

  29. Dear Prabhat Sir,
    Posting after a few months.
    I have been on the medications for now a few months and definitely have improvement. My scalings have considerably reduced and have clear skin in my back, nearly 50%. Front is also good but only small areas of skin. Extremities seem to be taking more time, but scaling is definitely less.
    This protocol definitely works. Nothing else has really worked for me.
    The Vitamin D3 tablets are now not available in Amazon. Any idea, where this can be bought?
    Thank you again Prabhat Sir.

  30. Dear Prof. Prabhat Ranjan Ji,

    I am suffering from Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis from 10 years. I am not able to walk due to Psoriatic Arthritis. Your guidance can help me. I am taking Vit D3 and K2 MK7. However, I feel I should discuss with you regarding dosage and your experience. I need your guidance. Could you please share how to contact you?

  31. I am suffering psoriasis from last from last 15 years…i am planning to start these supplements…Do we need go for any Lab tests like vitamin d etc before starting with supplements?

  32. You could get Vitamin D test done but it is not essential. I am sure it would be low unless you have been active in managing it. Let us talk on phone. Check your email.

  33. Hi Ranjan sir,
    It gives me immense satisfaction and happiness to share with you that after starting vitamin D dose in second week of May and then mg flakes in 3rd week of May, my psoriasis condition is very much improved.
    My scaling has gone down by 99%.itching is gone too and due to magnesium sleep is also improved.
    Thank you so much for your guidance.

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