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Prof. Prabhat Ranjan is Vice Chancellor of D Y Patil International University, Akurdi, Pune

Embedded Systems through Arduino in Patna

As a way to promote innovation based on ICT, I am planning to organize a 2-day workshop around Feb 20 in Patna. This would focus on “Embedded Systems development using Arduino”. An Aruduino kit would be given part of the registration fee of Rs 3000. This would permit the participant to continue working with the kit at their own and create all kind of things including robots. This would be very useful to college going students, specially Engg students but can be useful to anyone with some knowledge of simple programming. Arduino has been making waves all over the world by bringing benefit of embedded system to non-technical people like Artist/Designers/Musicians … It would be very useful for projects of Engineering students, who can not only use this to make working prototype but also start companies around it. Most of my research projects are done using embedded systems.

If this workshop is successful, I can do more advanced level workshop since I teach 4 semester course on related topics. This can lead to a plan to setup an “Innovation Lab” in Bihar to bring benefit of this to all students and young professionals including school students. In many other parts of India, specially south India, many commercial organizations have flourished around projects but in somewhat unethical manner. We do not plan to take that path but provide knowledge and training to individuals and make available facilities that they can avail of to realize their thoughts and bring innovation in focus.

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