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Android bluetooth link to Tata Indigo Manza Car

About one year back, I had purchased a TATA Indigo Manza Elan car. This has a feature to allow bluetooth based phone to connect to sound system in the car. This makes one handle hands-free phone call, while driving. I have a LG P500 Optimus Android based phone. Initially when I linked Bluetooth, it worked after I learned to connect the device. Some time back I upgraded my Android version to 2.3 from 2.2. After this I noticed that bluetooth link would connect but calls would not be handled properly. I could not hear incoming call etc.
I have been now able to solve this problem by adding an app named “Bluetooth Manager”, available from Now if I connect the car bluetooth system through this application, my phone call is handled properly. I do not know why it was not working otherwise but shared this here in case some one else has a similar problem.

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  1. Does your caller receive echo when you speak?

    How to cancel this echo? Whenever someone calls me & I take the call thru’ manza’s bluetooth, the caller complains of receiving echo!

  2. HI
    I am connected with my LG V40+ Phone via Bluetooth and able to play songs. Also i can hear voice while attempting calls but can able to speak mike issue. while listening songs automatically volume reduces to zero ..

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