Bihar Gaurav Samman from Shri Narendra Modi – in 2012

Bihar Gaurav Samman  by Shri Narendra Modi

My Journey to Brain : Talk at Vienna

My Journey to Brain

My Journey to Brain

Future of Brain: Race between mind and machine


Future of Brain: A race between mind and machine

Linus Torvalds and Me!

I came across this article on net, written by one of Linus Torvald’s office mates at Helsinki. I have been a user of Linux since 1993-94 period. As I was reading this article I found few interesting coincidences and I thought I would share it in my blog.

1. Use of Sinclair

Let’s go back to the spring of 1991. In January, Linus bought a PC. He’d been using a Sinclair QL before that, which, like much British computer stuff, was ingenious and almost unusably different from everything else.Continue reading

Prof Prabhat Ranjan on Eureka Program : Rajya Sabha TV

Sarita’s dream came true!

in 2011, I had developed a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) based system to allow persons with severe disability to type on computer and do other things such as control light fan etc. This could help those who do not have hand/leg movements. A device of this kind was provided to Mr Suresh Karat in Coimbatore in March 2012. I came across video of talented Sarita Dwivedi and thought she may benefit from this device. Sarita lost both her hand and one leg in a childhood accident. Continue reading

How India continues to loose enormous wealth!

Since joining TIFAC in April 2013, I have been learning many things that never crossed my thoughts due to my research focused on S&T for Nation and Society. I would like use this blog to share some of the issues I have been talking about at various forums so that the same is available to larger audience. Continue reading

1 IN 1 : Restore Dignity of Labour

India is way behind in manufacturing and innovation. One of the key reason is our mindset, where we do not value dignity of labour. This process starts from home. We discourage our children to work with hands. We do not let them pick up plates or clean etc. We tell them that this is not your work. Repeated bombardment of this idea leads to children devaluing physical labor.1in1

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Liver/Gall bladder cleanse process based on Andreas Moritz Book

Liver and Gall Bladder Cleansing based on book “The Amazing Liver and Gall Bladder Cleanse by Andreas Moritz

Liver and Gall Bladder Flush

Liver and Gall Bladder Flush

(Note : You should not use Apple Juice if you are diabetic. You would need to substitute it with Malic Acid. In addition, if you have any other major health issues, be sure to read the original book and this note is not a substitute for the book. Many persons keep asking me about the process in a short form, so I have prepared this note – Prabhat Ranjan)

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Miraculous recovery with my help!

This is a real story narrated by a beneficiary herself.  I never knew anything like this was possible when she got in touch with me. It was a major surprise and learning too. I have had few other users but this case is very striking. I feel this would open up path of learning for many many persons and we need to look at learning in a different way.

I am about 36 years old female from Delhi. Since last 15 years I have suffered with sleep disorder, anxiety, memory loss, gas problem, hair fall problem. I did allopathy, homeopathy, accupressure and various medical counselling. I took medicines continuously for last 10 years. But there was no solution to my problems from any of these.

My condition was getting worse and worse. Many times I could not sleep for 60-90 hours at a stretch. Sleeping pills did not show any effect on me too. Continue reading