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Prof. Prabhat Ranjan is Vice Chancellor of D Y Patil International University, Akurdi, Pune

1 IN 1 : Restore Dignity of Labour

India is way behind in manufacturing and innovation. One of the key reason is our mindset, where we do not value dignity of labour. This process starts from home. We discourage our children to work with hands. We do not let them pick up plates or clean etc. We tell them that this is not your work. Repeated bombardment of this idea leads to children devaluing physical labor.1in1


When child goes to school, He/She ignores lab. Our competitive examination system does not value lab since coveted exams like JEE etc do not have any credit for lab work. When students join engineering college, they are too exhausted with all the preparation for 3-4 years. Here also they ignore labs and faculty also does not pay much attention to labs. Students tend to pick up project involving software. Even electronics students/faculty tend to stop at simulation. Many electronics lab do not have electronic components.

When the students graduate, they move out of core engineering to opt for career in IT industry.

If we look at innovation, most students focus on software based work since they do not want to dirty their hand and facility to carry out hardware based innovations are lacking in most places. Most of the start-ups focus on It based services and service industry. Very few hardware based product companies are coming up.

Over all this affects our manufacturing and innovation. India lags behind severely. To change this we must change the mindset and start from home. Encourage your child to work with hand – at least ONE HOUR IN ONE WEEK!

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